BMC College of Leadership was set up in 2009 to provide individuals with leadership training, development and qualifications. The BMC College of Leadership develops, and helps realise, the potential of individuals of any age, from any background, so they make value adding contributions to organisations, employees, family and the community. We use sport and experiential learning to develop Leadership ability through first-hand experience, whilst also providing you with a solid theoretical overview to further improve your understanding and learning. We offer qualifications and training at a variety of academic levels

We always look to apply new and innovative learning methods to maximise the impact of training. All of our programmes include a high level of experiential learning, including sport, acting and other practical workshop activities, as a way to stimulate  and maximise the learning of our delegates. Our learning process incorporates the development of spiritual, emotional, social and mental intelligences, and physical attributes. This ensures the development of a more complete individual, with the desire and potential to grow further. it also provides value adding inputs into his or her personal life, organisation and the community as a whole.