Our Mission Hands

To assist the fulfilment of personal and leadership potential of all people of any age, any sex and any background. To help all individuals, in all types of organisations, fulfill leadership and performance potential using innovative methods of experiential and traditional learning, through the provision of accredited courses.

In Focus

Today’s environment sees individuals exposed to a “screen” culture, which exposes many issues that impact on an individual’s ability to lead effectively, both at a personal and group level.

The project deals with issues surrounding: class room

•low self esteem ,
•low self motivation. ,
•low self belief,
•low self confidence, in all individuals.

Project Outcomes

Young people will develop focus and motivation to enhance their goal setting and organization skills. They will also improve their confidence, attitude and desire to succeed in education and employment.

Young people will discover and be proud of their personal image and identity, along with the unique skills and characteristics they possess.

Young people will improve their communication and relationship building skills to better contribute to social situations in their daily lives.

Young people will learn to become more responsible, independent, competent and positive through leadership development that will change the behavior and outlook of the participants.